LibreServer Blog / Improving onion support

I've been improving the support for the dual use case of Epicyon in which the instance is primarily on a clearnet domain but can also be used via an onion address. Previously when accessing via an onion address in a Tor browser it would often try to revert back to the clearnet domain, but now in nearly all cases it will stick with the onion address.

This kind of dual use case is typical for apps on Freedombone, and it gives you an alternative way to get to your sites if the clearnet becomes censored - such as if there is a hostile corporate firewall between you and your server. Due to the existence of bridges it's difficult for firewalls to entirely block access to Tor.

The future seems more uncertain than ever and so making use of alternate domain systems, like onion addresses, DAT, SSB, I2P, IPFS and so on is probably wise, at least as a fallback. Censoring things via DNS poisoning or blocking has historically been the go-to way that authoritarian governments try to stop people having the right to read in times of "national emergency".