LibreServer Blog / Home server Vs Cloud business model

Within Freedombone the Cryptpad app has been updated to the latest commit, and it now allows you to create accounts and potentially have permanent "pinned" pads on the server. Previously account creation was deliberately disabled because this is an open system where anyone on the internet can access your Cryptpad site and allowing the whole internet to sign up is probably not a good idea on a small server with finite resources intended for use by a few people only.

I was looking for things like registration limits within Cryptpad, but didn't find any setting for that. I think the reason is that with Cryptpad and many other web apps they're designed such that the intention is that millions of people will sign up on a big centralized cloud server system. It's how they monetize the whole thing (notice the Cryptpad pricing and how that works). So the people who are writing the software just aren't occupying a small tech kind of mindset where you want to keep things limited to a few users. It's a dichotomy in web software design which I've often encountered.

Another feature added is that if you turn on signups for Cryptpad within the Freedombone web interface then they will turn off again automatically within a few days. This is to try to mitigate the "I forgot to turn it off and now my server is no longer working because a spambot has created a million accounts and used up the disk space" scenario.