LibreServer Blog / Epicyon 1.1.0

Like a husky emerging from a snow drift Epicyon ActivityPub server version 1.1.0 is thus released onto the unsuspecting interwebs.

This version contains numerous changes from 1.0.0, some of which are as follows:

  1. Much faster timelines
  2. Works on onion addresses without https
  3. Media timeline and media instance option
  4. Better support for different image formats
  5. Support for video and audio
  6. Calendar
  7. Hashtag swarm
  8. Better federation compatibility with Pleroma
  9. More languages supported
  11. Snooze and mute
  12. Better handling of avatar images
  13. More emoji
  14. Better layout in non-graphical browsers, like Lynx
  15. Image blurhashes are optional

The calendar feature, which allows you to specify a date and time on a post, isn't yet standard across the fediverse but it uses ActivityStreams vocabulary and enables easier organization of events.

It has been tested on a Beaglebone Black and so can run on systems which by today's standards have very little memory. This should help towards the goal of getting more people or groups to run their own fediverse instances.