LibreServer Blog / Epicyon Search

As with other fediverse servers, the search function in Epicyon allows you to look for a few different categories of things, such as emoji or hashtags or shared items. In addition you can now search through your own posts. This is full text search, but limited to posts which you've sent. It enables you to answer questions such as "what was I last talking about with this person?".

To search your own posts select the search button and then enter a keyword with a ! character at the beginning. You can also search on multiple keywords by using the + character. eg. !libre + laptop

Unauthenticated full text search in general is considered a bad idea, because it enables the sort of systematic harassment campaigns which have occurred over the last few years. But authenticated search on your own posts won't be deleterious to privacy and is of not much utility to trolls searching for people to target.