LibreServer Blog / Blogging in Epicyon

Very basic blogging functionality has been added to Epicyon. There's now a blog timeline and you can select "blog" as a category when creating a new post. Blog entries are entirely public and at present they're not editable after being published, although that may change in future.

The maximum content length in terms of raw text has been increased to 32K, so that's easily enough to allow very long ranty blog posts with lots of meandering.

Blogs are published using the "Article" ActivityStreams type, and that seems to be the way that other fediverse blogging software does it too. As usual it's possible to reply to blog posts as if they were any other fediverse post, and the usual moderation settings also apply. There's an upper limit on the number of replies per post in order to avoid hellthreads and replyguys.

Once published your blog is visible under https://yourdomain/blog/yournick. Replies will only be visible if you are logged in. This isn't really a privacy feature in the familiar sense, it's more intended to avoid marketers scraping everything and trying to build profiles of how people interact.

For now I expect to continue blogging here on Bludit. Fediverse blogging is in its infancy and might become a bigger thing in future. As it stands right now Mastodon - the most popular fediverse server - doesn't appear to have the capability to display Article type posts other than showing them as a link.