LibreServer Blog / Automatic Content Warnings

To reduce manual effort and increase consistency I've now added automatic content warnings and automatic hashtags to Epicyon. "Automatic" means that if some text is found within one of your posts then a content warning or hashtag can be added automatically. For example, if your post contains the name of a US politician then you might create a rule which automatically adds the content warning "uspol", or it could add a hashtag which was relevant to that politician being mentioned.

The rules for automatic content warnings or hashtags can be added by editing your profile. Each line is:

(text to be matched) -> (CW or hashtag to be added)

Since hashtags are the main way of searching within the fediverse this might also help to make searches more useful. It should also be emphasised that this feature is entirely optional and so by default there are no automatic rules. Each user account can also have different rules as required.