LibreServer Blog / Freedombone at 36C3

At the recent 36C3 congress there was a talk about the Freedombone project for the first time. It's in German and there aren't any English translations but since I've given a similar talk in Manchester earlier in 2019 I know roughly what's being described. The slides for the English version of the talk can be downloaded here.

Freedombone has been going for quite a while now, but having someone other than myself doing a talk about it at a CCC event where there are likely to be people who are interested is some kind of significant milestone for the project.

Every year I review what projects I'm working on and try to assess whether they're still relevant and worth continuing with. Technology moves quickly and what may be highly relevant one year may be technically and/or socially obsolete the next. But in the case of self-hosting projects - of which Freedombone is one - this still seems more relevant to the current time and the likely near future than at any point in the past. If anything, the problems which Freedombone tries to overcome are only becoming more acute and more conspicuous to the average internet user.