LibreServer Blog / Proxying email

Continuing on email integration with the web interface of Freedombone an email proxying screen has been added. This only applies to clearnet installs, so if you're running an onion version then you don't need to be concerned with this.

Why would you need to proxy your email? Well, the current state of email systems on the internet - as you may already be aware - is quite dire and heavily favours a few giant companies. If you're running an independent email server, as is the case with Freedombone, then it's highly likely that any emails you send will be blocked by other servers and you'll get a "delivery failed" type of message perhaps accompanied by a difficult to parse error. Even just a few years ago this wasn't always the case, and this aspect of the internet has been becoming increasingly closed to independents. Email blocking today is highly indiscriminate, with entire IP address ranges or countries being blocked by some systems. There doesn't need to be any actual evidence that you were sending out spam and in most cases you're just discriminated against by default because you're not one of the big companies. It is possible to get around this via proxying your emails through an SMTP server run by your ISP or another email service providing company. It's a less than ideal situation, but can make the difference between being in control of your own email or becoming a SaaS slave.

The email proxy screen can be accessed via the Mail icon by selecting the logo at the top of the webmail login screen. It looks like this:

Once you've entered the SMTP proxy server details then select Update and you'll then be ready to send out emails through it. That's all there is to it.

If you're sending to onion based email addresses then the proxying doesn't apply because it gets routed through the Tor network instead.