LibreServer Blog / Optimising for Text Mode

I've been improving the text mode browser experience of Epicyon to remove clutter, fix bugs with creating new posts and work around limitations of the Lynx user interface.

"But Mr Bob", you may ask, "why in 2022 should anyone give a flying foobar about text mode browsing? Didn't that end in the pre-Cambrian era of the internet?"

Some people may use text mode browsers for accessibility reasons, but I suspect that most uses of that variety now happens via more mainstream browsers with special plugins installed. But I still have a working and more than decade old netbook, which has a good keyboard and is retrofitted with an SSD and Atheros wifi card, and maxed out to 2GB of RAM. Trying to run the latest Firefox on it is like swimming through a tar pit, but anything done within a command shell is at least as fast as when this machine was new, and possibly faster due to the SSD. This allows me to keep running and getting use out of hardware which most people would consider to be beyond obsolete.