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Recently I added an Indymedia theme to Epicyon, in the style of the old which can be found on the wayback machine of I've tried to stick to the original colors and fonts.

As part of the ActivityPubConf hackerthon I've also added Indymedia-style workflow. So the right column is now a newswire where you can subscribe to RSS feeds and do instance level moderation of incoming news. There is now a news timeline and a news instance type. The left hand column is like a shared bookmarks section, similar to a blogroll. For moderated feeds, moderators can vote against the inclusion of news items within the main news timeline.

Indymedia theme for Epicyon

None of this is anything new. It's more of a reinterpretation of what existed 15+ years ago and has been somewhat forgotten in the era of centralized cloud computing. After 2010 most news announcements went to Facebook and Twitter, and RSS fell into decline because it didn't fit with the targeted advertising business model. However, in the fediverse we are not restricted by business models and there is no monolithic architecture.

A new role has been added of editor, which enables editing of links or news items, and roles can be assigned by the admin.

There is also RSS output for the newswire, so if you wanted to follow the same news as another instance then you could add its newswire feed.

It's also possible to mirror the content of feeds, but this should be done with caution in order to avoid copyright infringement. The idea is that if an instance goes offline then any news which it published could still remain available elsewhere, assuming that it was publishing under a Creative Commons or other public license.