LibreServer Blog / Emerging from Darkness

With the release of version 4 of Mastodon there has been a problem of links to profile pages or conversation threads "going dark" within shell based browsers, such as Lynx. In version 3.x you would get a text rendering of each page, but now you only get a terse "To use the Mastodon web application, please enable JavaScript" message.

I had been following the philosophy of "do the minimum thing that works" with Epicyon, but after Mastodon 4, just linking directly to Mastodon web content was no longer sufficient to be universally legible. So I have now replaced those direct links with a conversation view and a different way of viewing Mastodon profiles in which the html is all rendered by Epicyon itself. This brings back the otherwise Javascript-shrouded fediverse content, and also has the added advantage that it fully supports authorized fetch, which in Mastodon is known as "secure mode". It also makes the user interface more consistent looking in shell browsers.