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Last year with the Bullseye release of LibreServer I made a version of Debian for the Raspberry Pi version 4. But that was really a stopgap measure, and now that there is an official Raspbian version based on Bullseye I've switched over to using that instead.

The Raspbian version is now available in the downloads or as a torrent. It's Raspbian Lite with a couple of scripts added to initiate the LibreServer install when you log in via ssh. The same image is suitable both for the standard and onion version. See here for installation details.

2022: the year when people run servers

In the news recently is Moxie Marlinspike, saying that nobody will run servers. According to him, not even nerds want to run their own servers. But anyone reading this probably already knows that this isn't true. There is more interest in running personal servers now than there was five or ten years ago, and LibreServer is just one of a number of ways that you can do it.

The social dynamics of the internet at this point seem quite clear. Either you join the independent open web and maybe try running a server or joining one run by someone you know, or you will have the boot of BigTech on your neck for the rest of your life. For some people with a lot of personal leverage in the system maybe the boot will not come down so hard, but for most of us a life under repression should not be the path that we choose.

Moxie is however correct that Web3 is garbage. Web3 is not really all that different from the one brought to you by Zuck & co. It's a mirage of decentralization. Real independence means being able to do your own thing without being trapped inside of a very expensive global consensus mechanism.