LibreServer Blog / AberMUSH on the web

I had tried adding a web interface previously, but it didn't work reliably. So I've written an integrated websockets interface to AberMUSH and now with the addition of some client side javascript it works on the web.

AberMUSH is part of the effort to get a few more games into Freedombone - preferably ones which don't require much processing power on a home server. It will also run on an onion address, and for anyone doing retrocomputing it should run via telnet on any terminal or PC supporting UTF-8 ANSI graphics.

The web interface opens up the potential for the subgames within AberMUSH to look a lot nicer. You can have customized chess boards and elaborate card decks. Possibly more card games and deck graphics might be added in future.

Developing a fantasy game was initially just practice at writing things in Python, but this year has become a convenient distraction from what is otherwise the horrifying condition of real life events.

As a MUSH, this system is still quite bare bones. There are no quests or item crafting and the NPCs are not very clever. The environment is also not as dynamic as it could be. But all that can be improved.